Candidate for Hamilton County Council John Ditslear

 John Ditslear: Proven Leadership for Hamilton County 


    Proven Leadership

    Community Engagement Approach to Public Safety

    Community Engagement Approach to Public Safety

    John has a proven record of successful leadership. From collaboration to innovative solutions, John is a four-term Mayor and life-long community servant. 

    • Collaboration with residents
    • Collaboration with nonprofits and other community focused groups
    • Led and managed a city that grew by 57% 
    • Served at a variety of elected roles -- precinct committeeman, school board, mayor

    Community Engagement Approach to Public Safety

    Community Engagement Approach to Public Safety

    Community Engagement Approach to Public Safety

    Public safety should be centered around the needs of our residents. Public safety goes beyond the basic needs of protection, but should also focus on welfare. 

    • Protecting and helping
    • Welfare of a human being
    • Proactive and innovative training
    • Have the resources and tools to be the most successful
    • Public safety should be a part of tackling: mental health, drug crisis, abuse and homelessness

    Promote Efficiencies with Taxpayer Dollars

    Community Engagement Approach to Public Safety

    Promote Efficiencies with Taxpayer Dollars

    Residents of Hamilton County deserve high quality living for the lowest cost.

    • Decisions should be based on, “What is best for the people of Hamilton County?”
    • First you have to understand the community’s needs
    • Making financially sound decisions


     As a Noblesville resident and public servant, John Ditslear has always put residents first. John is taking his experience and leadership to the County Council. 

    Bettering the Hoosier Community

    John has always focused on one critical goal: bettering his Hoosier community. In each of his leadership roles, John is passionate about finding innovative solutions to challenges that face the community. 

    John has served as Precinct Committeeman, a township chairman, President of the Noblesville Chamber of Commerce, a three term Noblesville School Board Member, a four term Noblesville Mayor, and is a veteran of the United States Navy. 

    As a four term Noblesville Mayor, Ditslear led and managed a growing population. In fact, Noblesville became a Second Class City under his leadership. This allowed for better citizen representation for a population that increased by 57%, growing to more than 60,000 people under Mayor Ditslear. Impressive economic accomplishments include increasing assessed value of the taxable property from approximately $2.4 billion in 2004 to over $6 billion in 2018, a 134% increase by welcoming commercial development and thousands of new jobs to Noblesville. Other notable accomplishments as mayor include: the Hamilton Town Center outdoor mall, conservation of green space, an expanded trail system, new parks, and renovating Noblesville’s downtown.

    Taking on New Challenges

    The time is now for John to take his decades of experience and knowledge to the County Council. With an excellent grasp on the needs and culture of the community he serves, John has already been collaborating for many years across Hamilton County. 

    Community Impact

    Hard work, honesty, and integrity are qualities that were ingrained in John at a young age. Family values and family time are important to John. He has spent many years ensuring that the families of Hamilton County have the resources, amenities and quality of life that they deserve.

    John has played a crucial role in several Hamilton County organizations that impact the lives of others. He has been a board member for the Noblesville Boys & Girls Club, Riverview Health Foundation, The Hamilton County East Library and the United Way of Hamilton County. John was a founding board member and coach for the Noblesville Soccer Club and the Noblesville Swim Club. Over the years while serving as Mayor, the Noblesville Mayor’s Charity Ball raised over $1 million for various non-profits over the last 15 years.

    Beyond Serving

    John is a graduate of Miami University of Oxford, Ohio with a degree in Finance. Before serving as an elected official full time, John was a successful insurance professional. He also worked as an underwriter for several years, and led the Life Underwriters Association as President.

    John resides in Noblesville with his wife of 21 years, Teri. Together, they enjoy family vacations and serving the community. John has a daughter, two sons and eight grandchildren.

    John was honored with the Sagamore of the Wabash Award in 2019. The Sagamore of the Wabash Award is one of Indiana’s highest honors. The award states that the honoree is "distinguished by his (her) humanity in living, his loyalty in friendship, his wisdom in council, and his inspiration in leadership."

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